History and Tradition are synonymous to India, be it a culture or cutlery India has always been entangled to ideas that were taught a Millennium ago. But since the western culture started to infiltrate India those ancient culture were all but a long lost dream. “We forgot what our ancient monarchs taught the world, We forgot that India was the beacon of Healthier Lifestyle” now we have been westernized, forgotten our culture and tradition.
Ever since the western culture infiltrated India they started rewriting our history. They took our culture westernized it and now they are teaching them back to us. And we are paying to learn a tradition which we invented! How Ironic it is? Yoga is one of the biggest example of our Forgotten History.
Alright we are not going to talk about Yoga or Science. We are gonna talk about the Finest cuisine in the world “The Indian Cuisine”. From being the least obese country in the world due to healthier food habits India has entered the Top 10 race for the most obese country in the world all because, Well you know it;Junk Foods. The old saying ‘ Healthy eating is Healthy living’ has become redundant in India.

Snacks Bazzar is going to give you a valuable lesson about one of India’s Nutritious Food in History ‘Millet’.

Millet or Kambu in Tamil, Jowar in Hindi is a small-seeded grass that is indigenous to India. Even though Millets have been cultivated around the world but they have been a diet only in prehistoric India. Millets dominated the cultivation than rice because of their versatility as they can grow on dry, drought soils.

So, why are they important? What do they offer?

Millets bring a lot to a plate than the likes of rice, wheat, and dal.

Pearl Millet:

Pearl Millet is the predominantly grown millet in the Indian Subcontinent. Archaeological surveys say pearl millet has been cultivated since 2000BC in India. Known as ‘Kambu’ in Tamil they can be a great alternative for ‘Sago’ a bowl of rice used to make Pongal.


Diabetes: Pearl Millet has a high Fibre content so it tends to digest slowly and release glucose at a slower pace which helps in regulating sugar levels in our body.

Weight Loss: Pearl Millet is an excellent recipe for people with obesity or who have a habit of over-eating. Due to its high fiber content millet takes quite some time to travel to the intestine which keeps your hunger on par.

Cholesterol: Pearl Millet contains Phytic acid which boosts cholesterol metabolism and also regulates the cholesterol levels in our body.

Cancer: Pearl Millet has cancer-protecting properties which reduce the risk of cancer in adults.

Reduces Flatulence: Pearl Millet is gluten-free unlike wheat, so the chance of getting a bloated tummy is scarce. They are best for dinners.

Baby-Friendly:If you are looking for a perfect natural-nutritious food for your baby then pearl millet is the right recipe when it is powdered and made into a porridge and served to babies as millets are easy to digest.

We conclude with a thought that unless we go back to our roots in finding our traditional foods back we will be entangled to unhealthy junk foods that can deteriorate our lifestyle.

Snacks Bazzar brings you a plethora of millet recipes that you can feast on and have a healthy lifestyle.

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